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Working with people who are competent personally, technically and methodologically, we contribute to further developing construction techniques and regularly implementing new insights. Focusing on just a few areas of expertise, we strive to continually improve the quality of our work through advanced training, the certified quality assurance system and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Added value

Our clients are important to us. Through an intensive critical analysis of tasks, clarifying assign-ments at the outset of projects, along with full personal commitment and a systematic ap-proach, we work out projects that not only benefit our clients in an optimum fashion in the long run, but also conserve their resources and are ready on time. In the process, we take into account the concerns of our environment, society and users.

Further development

Our day-to-day work is underpinned by state-of-the-art working methods and tools. Continu-ous further development keeps us fit for the future. Our transparent working environment based on integrity and trust promotes the exchange of experience and personal development. We foster the well-being, motivation and thus the potential of our employees with individual-ised working methods.

«to BIM or not to BIM»

At the Aarau Cantonal Hospital, the interface between planning and execution has been completely overhauled. Away from large-format plans to tablets: BIM2Field. Not on a small section as a trial, but full scale for the entire 560-million construction.

Such a leap in scale requires careful planning. Thus, long before the actual start of construction, (Building Information Model) test models were exchanged with the master builder Marti AG, Bauunternehmung, in order to check the processes, hardware and software on the planning and execution side and to optimize the type and structure of the modeled data. Once an initial consolidation had been achieved, the other specialist planners and TU Implenia also got involved in the preparations. The time was well invested: the site worked digitally right from the start without any adjustments. Now the shell of the building will soon be completed, and we are pleased to note that it worked well not only at the beginning, but throughout the entire period and with the most diverse structural solutions. Digitization continues, but an intermediate step has been taken. How does BIM to field work? This, our joy and a little pride about the success at KSA is captured in the small teaser clip.
Thanks to all who believed in it from the beginning and to all who let themselves be converted to it and contributed with commitment to the joint success!