Independent and autonomous


Our flexible matrix organisation allows us to respond in good time to market changes and changing client needs. Transparent structures and decisionmaking processes create a clear working environment.

Stéphane Braune, MBA, Dipl. Civil Engineer ETH SIA
Andreas Galmarini, Dr. sc., Dipl. Civil Engineer ETH SIA
Gregorij Meleshko, Dipl. Civil Engineer ETH SIA
Wolfram Kübler, Dipl. Civil Eng. FH SIA

Form of Company
Corporation WaltGalmarini AG

USIC Vereinigung Schweizerischer Beratender Ingenieure
[USIC Swiss Association of Consulting Engineers]
SIA Schweizerischer Ingenieur- und Architekten-Verein
[SIA Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects]
Register A der Ingenieure
[Register A for Engineers]

Quality assurance
Prozessorientiertes  Qualitätsmanagementsystem,
zertifiziert nach ISO 9001 (SQS, Reg.-Nr. 15335-01)
[Process-oriented quality management system,
certified in accordance with ISO 9001 (SQS, Reg. No. 15335-01)]

Partner companies

Eight independent companies – one philosophy: Engineering Group for Competence, Capacity and Creativity goes by the label of “dreiK”. Among one another, we cultivate an active exchange of capacity, training and quality assurance such that we can draw on the knowledge of more than 100 professionals when needed.


WaltGalmarini AG
Dipl. Bauing. ETH SIA USIC, Zürich

Dr. Deuring + Oehninger AG
Dipl. Bauing. ETH SIA USIC, Winterthur

BlessHess AG
Dipl. Bauing. ETH SIA USIC, Luzern

HallerIngenieure AG

Ulaga Partner AG
Dipl. Bauing. ETH SIA USIC,Basel

Galmarini + Waidacher
Dipl. Bauing. ETH SIA Ing. AG, Arosa

Kinkel + Partner GmbH

Afro-European Engineers PLC AEE
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Working at WaltGalmarini

In a team, we develop innovative solutions, going the extra mile to find the greatest added value for our clients. Our transparent working environment based on integrity and trust promotes an exchange of experience and personal development. We promote the potential of our employees with individualised working methods.


  • Applications – Are you confident that, as a committed team player, you can contribute great expertise, client focus and entrepreneurial thinking to our team? Are you willing and motivated to continually develop yourself further? We will be happy to consider your application, treat it discreetly and reply to you in any case. Our Mr Michael Büeler will be glad to provide you with information.
  • Advanced Training – Advanced training is important to us – we want to continually improve ourselves and be among the very best. We regularly conduct internal advance training courses on various topics. When there is interest and a need for such, we also enable participation in external training.
  • Internships – To enable university students to obtain an insight into the everyday life of engineers, we offer internships for durations of at least six months once you will have completed your under-graduate studies. For any questions about a possible area of work, please contact Mr Michael Büeler.
  • Apprenticeships –  Each year we train one (structural engineering) draughtsman (Federal VET Diploma). Want to get detailed insight into everyday life in our profession? Then get in touch with our vocational trainer, Mr Christian Mathies, to arrange an appointment for three try-out days. We look forward to meeting you.

Property Locations



Exceptional supporting structures are our passion, satisfied customers our motivation – for 60 years.

Wolfram Kübler will become member of the Management

Members of the extended Management will become:
Oliver Bruckermann
Michael Büeler
Katja Lugg
Vincenzo Santoro
Benjamin Wissmann

Andreas Galmarini will become member of the Management

Name change to „WaltGalmarini AG“

Wolfram Kübler will become member of the extended Management

Gregorij Meleshko will become member of the Management

Jordan Kusigerski will become member of the extended Management

Name change to „Walt+Galmarini AG“

Stéphane Braune will become member of the Management

Carlo Galmarini takes over management
Name change to „Walt+Galmarini dipl. Ing. ETH SIA USIC Ingenieure AG“

Conversion into an „M. Walt Ingenieurbüro AG“

Founding of the engineering firm „Max Walt Ingenieurbüro“ by Max Walt


Since our company’s formation we have intensively dealt with the development of supporting structures, foundations and foundation pits, using all building materials and construction methods.

Elephant Enclosure at Zurich Zoo

Primetower Zurich

Letzigrund Stadium Zurich

Conversion and Expansion of Hallenstadion Zurich

Construction of new Dresdner Druck- und Verlagszentrum

Riedgraben Indoor Pool Zurich-Oerlikon

Multi-way Pedestrian Bridge Bucheggplatz Zurich

National Assembly Complex, Kuwait

Cable car horticultural exhibition G 59 Zurich

Hangar II, Kloten Aircraft Hangar