From 2022, together with the general contractor Implenia and Duplex Architekten AG, we will build a 27-story, 80-meter-high wooden high-rise in Zug , the project is named “Pi”.
This is a pioneering project, because the central core, usually made of reinforced concrete, is replaced by a solid timber frame structure.
A research group led by Dr. Andrea Frangi, Professor of Timber Structures at the Institute of Structural Engineering at ETH Zurich, is providing scientific support for the innovative construction method. Impressive load tests of the timber frame structure have taken place in the laboratory for experimental research (Bauhalle) on the Hönggerberg campus, and the researchers are also collaborating on the development of the new type of concrete hybrid slabs.
It is a privilege to test in the well-equipped laboratory of the ETH with its experienced and motivated staff and with the generous support of Prof. Dr. Andrea Frangi and his team.

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ETH Zurich, Globe No. 1/2021 “In the giant’s workshop